Fidelity Savings offers different checking accounts that are designed around you and whether you are in need of a basic or interest bearing solution.


Whether you are saving for a vacation, college or something else, choose a savings account that will help you meet your goals.


Do you need a card for personal or business use? We offer ATM and Visa® Debit Cards.


Manage your finances whenever and wherever with Online Banking from Fidelity Savings. Enjoy access to safe and secure online banking tools 24 hours a day, entirely for free.

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Bill Pay Plus

With our easy to use PayBill service, you can pay everyone from utility companies to your dog walker. Say goodbye to writing checks, buying stamps and making trips to the post office.

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No more filing and storing statements. No more statements sitting in your mailbox, which means your account information will be safer. Plus, you will have 24/7 access.

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Every day we do our best to keep the smiles on our customers’ faces.


New technologies have become the core of what we do. We have implemented tools that make everyday banking simple and convenient.


We all work together as one to secure real values for you.

Request For Call Back

Are your interested in opening an account with us? Or maybe you are ready to get the home of your dreams? We are currently serving customers in the Bucks and Philadelphia, PA counties and would be happy to hear from you. Fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Latest News

We are constantly evolving trying to give you the best possible service and products. We are also honest and transparent with our customers.

We have a new lending product with lower rates especially designed for small businesses.

Invest in your children’s education with Coverdale Education Savings Account.

Start savings now with one of our IRA products