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For Professionals, Corporations, Partnership and Sole-Proprietors

We at Fidelity Savings hope that you will begin a banking relationship with us. You will always be a valued customer and we would be happy to personally assist you with other financial needs. Our Officers and Staff promise to constantly strive to earn your continued confidence in allowing us to serve as your financial institution. If you are pleased with our service, we would greatly appreciate it if you would recommend us to your family, friends and associates. Please free to call upon our Officers and Staff at anytime when we can be of further assistance.


Business Checking Account

We have designed this account to give you flexibility,convenience and profit when handling your business finances.

  • $1,000 minimum balance to open an account relationship
  • $15 monthly maintenance fee
  • $10 monthly service charge; when your average monthly balance falls below $1,000
  • .25 per item paid over the first 30 free items monthly
  • .25 per item deposited over the first 30 items
  • Monthly Earnings Credit deducted from the monthly service fees and charges
  • Free combined statements with your other business accounts with Fidelity Savings
  • Free Internet Banking and Toll Free account access
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Small Business Checking

We have a checking account that is great for your Small Business.

  • Minimum Balance to open account - $100.00
  • Minimum Balance to avoid a service charge (average daily) - $500.00
  • Monthly Service Charge (if under $500 average daily balance) - $10.00
  • Activity Charges:
  • - First 50 checks deposited during each monthly cycle - Free
  • - First 50 checks paid during each monthly cycle - Free
  • - Each check paid after 50 during the monthly cycle - .30
  • - Each check deposited after 50 during the monthly cycle - .30
  • Non-Interest bearing account
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Business Savings

This is a tried and proven way to save for a specific purpose.

  • $1,000 Minimum balance to open account relationship
  • $10 monthly service charge when your account falls below the minimum balance
  • Free Internet Banking and Toll-Free calling access
  • Free combined statements with your other business accounts with Fidelity Savings
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